Building on the work of researchers and institutions across disciplines, asking larger questions that synthesize existing knowledge and draw broader conclusions, we aim to open a whole new possibility for generosity in America. The Commission will produce research results that will:

  • Understand the trends driving the decline in traditional giving and volunteering
  • Determine the implications of concentrating philanthropic funding among types and sizes of nonprofits
  • Define where giving and volunteering fit into civic engagement priorities of the population
  • Determine the potential for igniting generosity and scaling for larger impact
  • Identify ways that non-traditional giving is replacing traditional giving

Given the strong connection between volunteering and giving, it is crucial for the Generosity Commission to work across sectors to understand why people choose to donate their money and time to causes they believe in. Amid signs of trouble with current downward trends in both charitable giving and volunteering, there is an enormous amount of hope. We are at a turning point where we can take our knowledge of trends affecting giving and volunteering in America and make positive changes that bring people closer to their communities and each other.

Natalye Paquin
President and Chief Executive Officer of Points of Light

In our work so far, we have engaged an expert panel of researchers and scanned hundreds of studies looking for the factors that impact giving and volunteering the most. See the results of our research in our Preliminary Research Conclusions report.